Gaviti |  FinTech  |  Israel Gaviti is an Accounts Receivable (A/R) invoice-to-cash management no-code/ low-code platform that automates and optimizes the entire collections process, enabling you to send the right message to the right persona at the right time.  


Permite a las organizaciones desbloquear su legacy y agilizar su digitalización sin riesgo. Integra automáticamente microservicios y crea +500% mejores API +20 veces más rápido y a 1/4 coste real


Ignatica | Insurtech |Hong-Kong A cloud-native API platform built specifically to accelerate new product development and transform customer interaction. Create, manage, and adjust products without system limitations or business disruption.


SkinScreener  | HealthTech | Austria SkinScreener provides the risk of skin cancer for skin lesions with an easy-to-understand 3-colour code. It is a user-friendly, easy-to-use app available for Apple and Google smartphones. Verified by a clinical study at the Medical University of Graz, Austria. Approved as a Class II a medical device (European Directive 93/42/EEC) […]

Medi Whale

Medi Whale |  HealthTech  |  Korea Specialized in Reti-Intelligence, the artificial intelligence analytics that focuses on the association of ophthalmic biomarkers with systemic health diseases. It is a Medical AI software automatic eye screening system for early disease detection.  RetinCVD®  is the only solution on the market for 10-year cardiovascular risk prediction.      


Software de análisis y aprendizaje automático para mejorar la comprensión del comportamiento de los clientes y crear visibilidad en su riesgo para los productos de seguros de vida.


Perfect | BeautyTech | Taiwan is a world leader in Beauty Tech. Its technology combines AI and AR to provide a virtual test environment for buyers of cosmetics, accessories and fashion, creating an immersive universe with the aim of providing the best shopping experience to consumers. client. Delivering up to 2.5x higher conversion rate, 300% […]


FinAlyzer  |  FinTech  |  India Financial corporate performance platform. Management reporting: and financial consolidation. A single platform for multiple reporting needs for any number of entities, 5-7x faster implementation, fully configurable and 5x to 20x cheaper. 


AgriTask  |  AgTech  |  Israel Comprehensive Agricultural platform that integrates various data sources. Operating System for Agri businesses that covers the whole crop lifecycle and ensures supplies and ESG for AgBuyers.


Convierte Whatsapp y otras herramientas en canales de marketing. Registra y archiva la comunicación de sus empleados y cumple con los requisitos regulatorios (MiFiD II, FINRA, etc).