Companies scaling up with us.

These are only the companies with which we have closed an agreement but we are in contact with more than 200, so if there is any technology that interests you and we do not have it on the list, do not hesitate to ask us.

openlegacy OpenLegacy Transversal -API Factory

Digital to the core: allowing organizations to riskless unlock legacy systems to become fully digital.
Automatically creates microservices x10 times faster, at a fraction of cost and x5 better perfomance.


Extends legacy systems to the web, cloud, or mobile environments with microservice architecture & APIs.
Now you can take advantage of your legacy systems - no matter how complex or age they are, as our open standards are compatible with any of them: we have created the fastest way to connect your central back-end systems with mobile, cloud & web solutions 10 times faster than any other product on the market.
OpenLegacy is a hybrid integration platform that automatically creates APIs directly from legacy and on-premises systems to speed up (5 times higher performance) and simplify and lower the cost of creating internal, external, or public APIs 75% for any type of integration or digital channel. As Legacy System remains untouched there isn’t any risk associated neither with middleware nor with other system processes.
Modernizing legacy applications through microservices is useful for governments, financial services, insurance, and many other industries (challenges associated with omnichannel, Bitcoin and Fintech technologies, new insurtech opportunities & threats, improve productivity & create seamless experiences for online & mobile policy pricing).

  • API connectors - extract strong-type metadata from any core in minutes
  • API design - Java API using built-in wizards
  • API enhancement- multiple layers of security & speeds up performance.
  • API usage- One-click implementation & reuse. Innovate at any time.
  • API Testing - keep up with built-in JUnit & continuous runtime testing.
  • API Management - monitoring who, how and where is using your APIs.

 taulia Taulia Fintech

World leader in working capital solutions. Dynamic discounting, supply chain financce and e-invoicing.
Uses IA to maximize program results and automation to increase efficiency.


American fintech specialized in working capital solutions: Dynamyc Discounting, Supply Chain Financing and e-invoicing. Taulia is a global leader in its segment. It has more than 140 clients such as AirBus, AstraZeneca, Coca-Cola, Ericsson, Salesforce, Toyota, Vodafone, etc. that manage more than 2.4 million suppliers on their platform.

Taulia is a global leader in its segment. It has more than 140 clients such as AirBus, AstraZeneca, Coca-Cola, Ericsson, Salesforce, Toyota, Vodafone, etc. that manage more than 2.4 million suppliers on their platform.
Taulia lets you reimagine your supply chain financing. Building from the specific needs of your corporation, it uses artificial intelligence to maximize results based on your program objectives.
The Taulia platform is totally flexible and configurable and is designed both for large companies that optimize their treasury and control the financial health of their suppliers and for the later, which con proactively manage their treasury. Process automation saves additional time and money, increasing the efficiency of your treasury function.

iauditor IAuditor Transversal - Compliance

Platform for conducting inspections, submitting reports,creating checklists, capturing&correcting errors.
It is used 50.000 times a day in more than 85 countries to help raise business safety and quality standards.


Conduct inspections, flag issues, and resolve problems together.
iAuditor is an inspection app used to train your workers in the field. In combination with the web platform, iAuditor provides visibility and information to help raise safety and quality standards in an organization. Your team can collect consistent data, standardize operations, submit reports, identify faulty areas, and resolve issues.
Connecting your sensors (temperature, humidity, noise…) to iAuditor will allow to automatically turn alerts on as soon as parameters are out of range. Easy to interface with your Enterprise Systems (Share Point, Tableau, …).

  • Set up checklist forms in minutes: converts your current paper checklists or Excel ™ spreadsheets into smart inspection forms in minutes. Our drag and drop template builder makes it easy to create custom forms.
  • Add logic to make your forms smarter: make your inspections faster and easier to complete by showing and hiding form fields as needed.
  • Record and track security action items: Create a corrective action for a problem that must be solved on the spot. Assign actions to people, set the time, date and priority level for the next task.
  • Share reports immediately: after an inspection is complete, an instant report is generated that can be shared. Share with the touch of a finger.
  • See performance and trends: automatic syncing between mobile devices and desktop platform provides real-time analytics dashboards. Get visibility into your productivity, compliance, accuracy, and more.

 geovictoria GeoVictoria Enterprise Software

Time solution for companies that alows you to sign in multi-mode in person, without contact and in telework mode, from our App or website.


GeoVictoria: reduce the operating costs of your human resources by more than 30%.
At the HR level:

  • Their processes are usually very heavy, since their clients have to pass on the information of who came to work and how long it was.
  • With our platform, this is recorded and these processes are automated, greatly streamlining the work of this department.
  • The worker is paid for the hours that he has actually worked and has no disputes with the client for collecting the invoice, since the client has the same information as the facilities company.

At an operational level:

  • The real thing is not always paid: I do not really know how much the person worked or if the information is real.
  • They find out from their end customer that the person did not come to work. With a platform like ours, not only do you find out in real time but you can proactively solve that absence before it has to be claimed.
  • We show them the problem without having to go looking for it: that is, at a glance they can see all the points where they should be having activity and if the workers are there. Thus, they do not have to be calling those points where they already see that everything is ok (as they normally do because they go blind and do not know if the person arrived until they call them themselves), they only call those who did not register to see what happened.

enabley Enabley Transversal - Edtech

Game changing learning platform connecting training to business results using the latest new eduation trends.
Connected to ecosystem, this special blend of LMS+LXP+CMS & live video help global leaders to manage courses & lifelong learning.


Connecting Training and Education to Business Results
The revolution in training platforms that reshapes the way you deliver training and business competences deploy as an education professional or a corporate; a one stop shopping platform excelling in training activities management (LMS), content creation/ management (CMS) and AI based learning experience enhancing (LXP)… and more…

  • Embedded interactive & automatic Q&A gamification to skyrocketing engagement.
  • Unified comprehensive training documents’ indexed database including tailored scoring.
  • Trainees continuous support with content related discussions.

The features any head of studies or teacher has always dreamt having!

The platform takes advantage of any virtual meeting tool the client is using (zoom, teams Google Classroom…) to record sessions and add critical functionalities such as…

  • Multiple modes:: Face to face class or pure online training. Online & offline capabilities.
  • Reusing existing material + integrations:: native LTI import from any other LMS.
  • Plug&play: the platform is so intuitive that two hours is enough to train a superuser.

The platform is structured around two general types of learning situations: in the one hand, streams to make employees competent in procedures through workout pills, and on the other structured courses. Global leaders are leveraging Enabley to manage all their students regulated courses, to insure lifelong employees’ continuous learning journey and to train their sales people (or even their clients, suppliers or partners) on their new products seamlessly feeding their CRM (e.g. Salesforce).

 atidot Atidot Insurtech

Machine learning and analytics software to improve understanding os customers' behavior and create visibility into their risk for life insurance products.


An AI/ML based Predictive platform Mto increase sales and reduce lapsation in Life policies
Atidot’s one of a kind Predictive Software combines in-depth insurance and actuarial expertise with data science and advanced AI technology. The platform produces real-time analytics, predictive scenario modeling and actionable real-time results. Interactive dashboards provide triggers, alerts, and what-if modeling.
Main benefits are increased profitability by implementing new product and distribution strategies, raise in customer satisfaction with hiper-personalized products and a deeper understanding of the insurer competitive advantage.
Model and gain actionable insights into customer behavior over time by generating accurate, nano-segments of enhanced policyholder data using AI, Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics.

 raycatch Raycatch Energytech

AI solution for photovoltaic plants that allows to increase production by up to 8% and reduce operational costs by up to 20% through automated root-cause analysis.


Deepsolar® (by Raycatch): gain full visibility of all components of your photovoltaic portfolio, to carry out relevant O&M activities (not Procedures), establish a ROI-based revamping plan or file a warranty claimto the manufacturer.
Patented AI&ML technology that unlocks the Photovoltaic Fields Optimization Potential overcoming the large fields’ un-accurate overwhelming data generation, weather & seasonal noise and the complexity in general that prevents existing monitoring formula-based systems patterns identification.
Its cloud SaaS platform maps most of the factors that affect solar field performance, creating a library of over 100 critical data-driven operational insights; a daily 360° View of PV Portfolios that drives a ROI prioritized Action Plan including corrective maintenance & deep optimization. dentify low performing inverters, disconnected strings, heavily degrading modules & faulty irradiation sensors
The result is the possibility of improving photovoltaic installations by up to 8% performance and improving operational costs by up to 20% with more than 100 monitored improvement parameters in more than 4GW by end of 2020 adding value to owners, O&M/EPCs & assets managers.

 agritask Agritask Agtech

Comprehensive agricultural platform that integates various data sources.
Operating syustems for agri businesses that covers all crop lifecycle.


agtech platform to manage all type of agriculture operations, turning data into actionable insights.
Agritask enables corporate farmers and ag investors to manage their operations from A to Z, harmonizing primary field data with that from exogenous sources, such as satellite, weather stations and natural peril databases. The platform enforces rigorous field inspections by digitizing complex operational procedures. Only in this way can the program be scaled and flexible to serve a range of beneficiaries, from smallholders to commercial agriculture enterprises.
Agritask is highly flexible and grows with evolving needs, from first-time digitization to full automation.
Agritask also provides a single platform for ag-buyers and food corporations to manage their operations from pre-planting to post-harvest, including traceability. It generates visibility across the entire grower’s network, to help assure yield and harvest quality. Agritask promotes supply chain transparency to assure food safety and sustainability.

emazing retailing Emazing Retailing Madtech

Behavioral market research A-B testing tool and ecommerce product assets optimization. Optimize product/ service assets. Analyze & validate consumers real behavior (vs. claimed)

Emazing Retailing

E mazing ®: lean market research A-B Testing.
The technology brand leaders like Lóréal, Nestlé, P&G, Logitech & Reckit Benckiser have chosen for digital market research.
Implements & brings to mobile devices the philosophy of A / B testing in market research (new product launch, restyling, packaging, product website... ). Test your product ideas in a consumer-friendly way (a mobile phone website), created simply (no code needed) & distributed to sufficient qualified recipients through each of your selected options to achieve solid results showing the most viable opportunities.
Predict market success by looking at consumer behavior, answering questions like: what is the right image to generate consideration? What images will increase sales? Is it worth having videos? Do I have to invest in premium A + content? Which packaging design is most attractive?
Uses technology in the most used eCommerce platforms (or on the client's own website) at a fraction of the traditional cost of this type of study & much faster (one or two weeks). If we want shoppers to behave as shoppers, we need to send them to an environment almost identical to the one we would have in reality. It forces respondents to think about their answers, to justify and rationalize their choices. It gives a very different outcome vs a real every-day purchase decision.

poloriz Poloriz Madtech

Next generation personalized web story, derived automatically from existing content. Recommendations on publishers, e-commerce webs & apps enhancing conversion rates whilst slashing drop out.


Create the best e-commerce shopping experience.,
Through our software we create dynamic content on your website in story style, totally personalized, highlighting the characteristics or properties of the product so that they are more attractive to the client; thereby achieving an improvement in the user experience and a higher conversion rate.
Poloriz automates the creation of this visual content and personalizes the products based on the user's history, so it will have new visual content in each session.
The implementation of the software is simple and fast, and allows you to have absolute control over the statistics and effectiveness of the Stories.

Use case: Zucker Studio client, we obtained the following results in a period of 2 months with 600K page views in 2 months:

  • + 102% in conversion rate
  • + 38% in page views per session / user
  • + 16% in duration session / user
  • -19% in the abandonment rates

 telemessage TeleMessage Regtech

Alternative to consumer messaging apps in the workplace.
Turns WhatsApp and other tools into marketing channels and makes them legislation compliant (MiFiD II, FINRA, etc).


Record and archive your employee WhatsApp communication for compliance requirements.
TeleMessage offers different methods of Archiving Mobile Messages, including WhatsApp calls and chats, with all the guarantees of security and compliance with MiFiD II and other international regulations set for the management of communications between financial companies and their clients.
It is more and more frequent that clients wish to communicate with their financial advisors through WhatsApp, but in order to open this new channel of communication with clients, it is necessary to ensure compliance and maintain an auditable file of any exchange of messages between the entity and its clients.
Telemessage, precisely, offers Compliance departments a safe and reliable tool that ensures regulatory compliance, thus avoiding any potential sanction.
Telemessage can provide Archiving tools not only for Whatsapp but also for WeChat, Telegram and Signal.

 fligoo Fligoo AI multisector

Broad-spectrum AI that extracts the most value from data & drives business value.
Experienced Scrum methodology that boosts in 90 days sales conversion, retention & reduces operating costs.

Fligoo Sharp AI™

helps large banks exceed their strategic objectives through the most advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI),extracting the maximum value from client’s data and generating real business value.
Thanks to its experienced Scrum methodology, in less than 90 days Fligoo empowers its team of data engineers, its sales force and its marketing team to interact with its customers through all contact points. Boost your sales conversion rates, increase your retention rates, and dramatically lower your business operating costs.
Thanks to its experienced Scrum methodology, in less than 90 days Fligoo empowers its team of data engineers, its sales force and its marketing team to interact with its customers through all contact points. Boost your sales conversion rates, increase your retention rates, and dramatically lower your business operating costs.

 moven Moven Fintech

Former Neobank (US) and global software supplier for financial institutions.
Development of mobile banking PFM for corporate clientes.
AI-based software.


Cutting-edge AI-driven PFM to manage the relationship between users and the banks.
Moven helps banking clients by implementing a cutting-edge PFM (that goes beyond traditional PFMs by adding context – PFE – and advice – PFA) so they improve the value for their mobile users and improve categorization with real-time highly accurate ML driven automatic categorization.
Moven excels at driving change in end user behavior enabling relevant conversations (based on context and personalization) and helping them how to spend, save and live smarter. Moven can help banks coach their users and at the same time unleash lots of cross- and up-sell opportunities.
With Moven, the PFM becomes the center of the relationship with clients.
Moven Enterprise is built on the experience of Moven Inc. a pioneer Neobank in the US, founded and led by Brett King.

neosound Neosound ContactCenter

AI providing speech analytics solutions to turn conversations into meaningful actionable contact centers insights. Optimize customer communication by listening to customer calls automatically.

Neosound ®

more than speech & text analytics of customer phone calls automatically, it turns calls into revenue & helps call center to optimize company’s customer communication.
AI tech providing quality management & customer experience solutions for call centers. Customer Experience comes first: it optimizes customer communication and turn phone conversations into meaningful actionable insights.
We decrease one third average handle time, ​​compliance risks & c​ustomer churn. We increase customer satisfaction & NPS first contact resolution & sales effectiveness by 20%.

  • 1 - Interprets not only what is said but how it is said
  • 2 - Mark the interesting moments for supervisor to hear only this.
  • 3 - Automatically check whether the agent asked or informed about the relevant.
  • 4 - Identify alarm keywords on the dashboard.
  • 5 - General call score to each call according to parameters.
  • 6 - Identify general sentiment of the call at each moment by interpretation of tone, height of voice, etc.
Through speech-to-text translation & smart algorithms do acoustics & intonation analysis. The machine listens to HOW people speak not only WHAT they say. That is why our trained machines can easily address your company-specific needs.

 squery SQuery Contact center

Telephone attention services by virtual assistans in natural language. The robots answer in "natural language". People "do not differentiate" it from a human person when answering. 24x7 100% service rate.


Survey and telephone service system using natural language software robots.
Change of paradigm in telephone attention: with S-Query slow and careful attention since closing the call in the shortest possible time is eliminated as a priority and is replaced by closing the call with the maximum possible customer satisfaction.
Beyond being indistinguishable from a human contact center agents, the S-Query robot knows how to solve the problem and is effective, it is always friendly and reproduces the defined protocol and the system constantly learns what works best and is most efficient every day. With S-Query all customer issues are resolved on the first call, the golden rule for customer service nowadays.

In a business point of view adopting S-Query voice bot grants:

  • Constant service improvement with new voices with AI.
  • Possibility of serving in several languages (those supported by Google IA) in a very simple way.
  • Economic savings.

 waitrr Waitrr Foodtech

Turns mobile into the core of food ordering experiences, both in restaurants/hotels and online ordering.
Avoid post-covid unnecessary waiter-customer interactions.


hospitality mobile ordering & paying with less friction, improved operations and more incomes.
Waitrr offers foodservice customers the best full mobile first UX/UI seamless and covid_free ordering and payment experience. As it includes second to none loyalty & feedback management functionality (all customer data awned by the foodservice chain for marketing purposes), click & collect service & it allows chains to build its in-house Delivery as a Service (and many other solutions), waitrr is a true SaaS foodservice POS ERP successfully adopted in all continents and cultures.
Waitrr achieves a 40%+ increase in staff efficiency, a 20%+ higher table turnover and a 25%+ increase in the average ticket of our partners in the F&B industry. Essentially, we change the way restaurants operate.
As Waitrr has direct integration with Deliverect, the hospitality companies can integrate waitrr within days with their own brand’s look & feel. Any order placed through Waitrr will be entered directly into its POS, without the need for manual copies. Waitrr integrates with numerous POS systems globally (Micros, Square, NCR and more).