In Scale Up Partner we work with the most innovative solutions in the market, leveraging all the potential from new technologies.

áreas de trabajo

In which areas do we work?

We do not focus on sectors, but on solutions. We fundamentally work with start-ups that use technology to develop new business models and innovative value propositions. We are interested in Fintech, Edtech, Insurtech, Proptech, Biotech, Regtech, Foodtech, Madtech, Retailtech… companies.

If your company’s offering uses new technologies such as Big Data, SaaS solutions, new E-commerce alternatives, Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, 3D Printing… and/ or you developed products or applications to simplify user’s life (facilitating payments, controlling expenses…) and/ or if you are changing the game rules (i.e. purchasing vs downloading vs streaming music)… we want to know more about you.


Alumne, the Knowledge Company, is a Spanish start-up that is transforming learning processes and culture among companies and professionals. It has a “Netflix” style online learning service, own course catalogue, proprietary LMS and develops ad hoc courses.

cflox is the global market for cash flow, trade finance, and Working Capital within the supply chain. On cflox, buyers and suppliers collaborate to jointly optimize the financing of goods and services – digitally, lean and secure.

Waitrr reshapes how restaurants and hotels are operated by helping F&B owners improve customer service, solve the manpower shortage problem, increase revenue and reduce costs through state-of-the-art technology. Waitrr is fundamentally changing how people dine out.

Moven is a “Challenger Bank” (B2C) and global supplier of banking technology (B2B). For corporate clients, it allows to speed up the development of mobile banking services and increases users value through AI supported real-time behavior analysis.

Agritask is an Agriculture management platform that keeps managers informed at all time. It integrates all data sources into one comprehensive, yet easy to use system, which serves all management levels. Agritask turns data into smart tools for efficient planning and decision making.

The Telemessage software has already been successfully implemented and used by thousands of companies. Among the Telemessage products, the WhatsApp Archiver stands out, allowing companies to communicate with their employees through WhatsApp, complying with current data protection and auditing regulations.