Scale Up Partner adds value to its clients (high-growth potential innovative start-ups) helping them to scale up their business through the hunting and farming of big corporate accounts.


What do we offer?

We are business development experts that help your company opening and developing big corporate accounts (we do both hunting and farming).

We can act as your sales partner both in Spain and in other markets in different models, sharing the risk with your company.

We have a win-win model, focused on long-term support and invoicing on a results basis.

Which companies do we work with?

Even though we can assess other companies, we focus on innovative start-ups in early development stages that meet the following conditions:

  • You have a product/ service that offers the market a solution, it is developed, saleable and you already have a few real corporate clients (that pay for your services
  • You sell to corporates. You work on a B2B model or, in case of B2C, you are interested in reaching end customers through big B2B deals that would allow you to reach hundreds of thousands or even millions of potential users in one deal.
  • You want to jump from 1,000 or 2,000 employee customers to big corporate accounts with 30,000, 50,000 or more than 100,000.
  • Your commercial capabilities do not allow you to reach all big companies, so you need help, either to reach IBEX 35 and similar companies or to manage their lengthy and complex purchasing processes (typical processes from 1 to 2 years).
  • If your company is from another country, you may have the capacity in your home market, but neither in Spain nor in other markets. You need a partner with the contacts, resources and time to develop the local market.
  • At least part of your solutions are highly scalable. Regardless of development costs, the variable cost of offering them to new clients is relatively low (i.e.: software licenses, SaaS models…).
  • You have a long-term vision. You have not created the company to get rich with a quick sale.

If your start-up identifies with the beforementioned conditions, do not hesitate to contact us. Even though we only select around 10% of the companies we start conversations with, we study and analyze all of them (we also fail fast and cheap before really getting involved).