The Alumne Group has just started a pilot project with Indra to train its professionals in agile methodologies through “The Agile Program”. The Agile Program is a 100% online program that reduces the content of a master’s degree in agile methodologies to small pills of about 15 minutes a day and has been designed so that students can train from any location and device.

For this project, a team of highly qualified professionals has been selected, with the aim of making them experts in methodologies such as Scrum, Extreme Programming, DevOps, Lean, Kanban and Design Thinking, reinforcing other initiatives for the digital transformation of the company. Additionally, it offers the advantage of being 100% scalable, so it may be expanded in the future to other Indra professionals and divisions.

Like other projects that the training company has already implemented in renowned companies such as Mapfre, BME, Línea Directa Aseguradora or Brooklyn Fitboxin, this agreement between Alumne and Indra has been reached thanks to the work of Scale Up Partner, commercial collaborator of Alumne .

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