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Thirty years to bringing the future to the corporate world.

Talent and experience to accelerate corporate digital transformation

We do not limit ourselves to presenting a technology, we seek to generate tangible opportunities that lead to create or improve competitive advantage by leverage on the most outstanding technological advances on a global scale to achieve a true digital transformation.

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We are a young company, but our team accumulates many years of experience in large corporates

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What makes us different for your business?

Above all, we assume a qualified observatory that identifies the technologies that will transform humanity at the right moment of maturity and we find their perfect fit in your business processes.

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Scale Up Partner was born in 2019 as the personal project of its founder Pablo Penas: after 15 years dedicated to business and technology consulting and to the internationalization of companies; Pablo finds an opportunity to contribute to the digital transformation of the corporate world by bringing it closer to the most advanced developers of our time.

The company, a Start Up itself, was born global with a highly qualified team in the main global innovation hubs (especially in the first stage with a strong presence in the so-called “Startup Nation” that is Israel), and since then it has not stopped expanding its local “scouting” throughout the world.

Already in 2020 Pablo incorporates his first two partners Carlos Franco and Pedro Cepeda to enrich the project with international experiences and top executives in the corporate world.

In 2021, with the incorporation of two more partners (Lola Franco and Diego Nuñez) the company is structured with its main functions already operational and in September 2021 Scale Up Partner signs its 20th technology and inaugurates its new headquarters in Madrid, marking an important milestone of maturity and solidity.

Our purpose is to play, together with corporations, the infinite game of global digital transformation and to ensure that man takes advantage of technology to automate and enhance his ability to perform mundane tasks and to focus on activities more creative and enriching that allow a true social advancement.

We are convinced that the new cyber physical systems will use technology as building blocks to change the way we live and work forever. At Scale Up Partner we are committed to making this historic transformation for the good of humanity as a whole, ensuring equality and maximum access to the advantages of a man augmented by technology.

The first key to the Scale Up Partner model is to be successful in identifying on a global scale the winning technologies that will shape the future and agree to establish a trust society with them to represent them in the long term in our markets. It is key to establish the criteria that define success and cover all key areas and functions in all industries.

The second key is to create a team with the executives with the best performance, training and experience so that they combine a real and personal knowledge of how different corporations do business, the challenges they face, and that they are true futurists, knowledgeable about the different technologies, their applications and their potential.

Finally, to achieve the goal set Scale Up Partner has created a key network of contacts between managers, opinion leaders, forums and business schools to plant the seed of its idea and achieve its maximum impact in all industries.