Work with us: we arewe look for "Referrers" for corporates.

Scale Up Partner is constantly growing. We are looking for professionals to help us work with large companies in any sector.

Are you a professional with a successful 20-30 year career in the corporate world? Do you have a extensive network of contacts between executives of large companies? Are you a leading professional in a sector, in a functional area or in several? Join our team of "Referrers".

Do you want to value your professional network in the corporate world? Generate extra income without leaving your current job by introducing innovative solutions to decision makers of large companies.

"Working hard for something that doesn't interest us is called stress.
Working hard for something we love is called PASSION ”

– Peter Drucker-

Open positions

We are looking for international referrers who want to work with us, helping us to present the best innovative solutions to corporate decision-makers in any sector.

Requisitos imprescindibles:

  • Deep knowledge of one or several sectors or of a functional area and recognition as an expert by colleagues, competitors, etc.
  • Large professional network of corporate decision-makers in their field of expertise with the capacity to generate meetings with key decision-makers.
  • Higher graduates with English (minimum C1) and local language in the country of residence (C2 / Bilingual).

    Spain and Portugal

Interested parties send CV to

Our benefits
  • Very competitive compensation in the medium and long term, directly linked to the added value.
  • Professional development. You will work with different solutions and sectors, always being at the forefront of innovation.
  • Real option to become a partner in the company.
Our culture:
  • We always put people at the center.
  • TALENT is our differential asset to make a difference.
  • We work with excellence (“underpromise” and “overdeliver”) and honesty.
  • All team members make decisions. Empowerment and proactivity are key in our development and growth.