First quarter 2019 summary.

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April 7, 2019

We started Q1 2019 with strong commercial activity with our recent clients Moven and cflox, besides continuing the duties performed in 2018 with Alumne and with the mid- and long- run development of Scale Up Partner.

Main highlights:

  • From an end client perspective, highlighting the opening of a new corporate account for Alumne in the Insurance sector.
  • Geographically, we expanded our traditional commercial focus in Spain to Europe, thanks to an extension of our agreement with Moven for selected accounts in several European countries.
  • In this quarter, we had a strong commercial presence in several trade events representing our clients, including MoneyLive Spring 2019 (Moven), ASSET Transaccional Treasury Forums in Madrid and Barcelona (cflox) and Expoelearning (Alumne).
  • We also did business development for Scale Up Partner in some key events: 4YFN, MWC and Startup Olé. We are currently in conversations with 20+ start-ups from 10+ countries. We hope some of them may become our clients during the next months.
  • We launched our website, to have a basic online presence.
  • Our director has also been moderator of 2 panels at Retail Forum, the main retail event in Spain, has presented his book “10 Management Articles” at The Economists Association of Madrid (and had several subsequent references in written press and radio) and published the article “What do Fintechs resemble the Millenium Falcom with and what can big banks do not to finish like the Titanic?”

All this is added to our daily commercial duties we keep on doing for our clients and from which we expect to gather the crop from 2020.

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