Book presentation “10 Management Articles”

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January 15, 2019.

Book Presentation “10 Management Articles” at Economists Association of Madrid

Last Thursday, January 10, our director Pablo Penas Franco presented his book “10 Management Articles” at the Economists Association of Madrid.

The presentation, which was moderated by Pedro Irujo , dealt with a series of topics such as:

– Why Fintechs attract dissatisfied bank customers and whether they are competitors or natural allies.

– Similarities and differences between Amazon and Alibaba.

– The real reasons for the bankruptcy of Toys’R’Us.

– Why Google is gaining ground to Microsoft in operating systems for PC and the status of Microsoft beyond this product.

– How to understand Apple’s value innovation.

– Whether Facebook can be challenged and how issues such as Cambridge Analytica or GDPR can affect it.

– The adaptations that companies make in their international marketing, with examples such as McDonald’s, Mattel or Volkswagen.

– Digital disruption, with companies such as Airbnb, Uber, Google, Apple, Facebook or Amazon, outperforming rivals with a much larger size and becoming increasingly important in our lives.

– How, thanks to data collection and analysis, companies can predict relevant events in our personal lives.

– The race for the last mile in groceries or how to facilitate purchases, improve speed and the cost of delivery.

You can see the full video of the presentation in Youtube (Spanish language):

If you are interested in the book, it is available in any country through Amazon.

The Economists Association of Madrid is a professional association with more than 8,000 members.

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